Opposing Force Training

CLAY NATIONAL GUARD CENTER, Marietta, Georgia, May 13, 2013, By LTC Eddie WilliamsĀ - A combination of Georgia Army National Guard and Georgia State Defense Force soldiers occupied a mock Afghan village at Clay National Guard Center in an Opposing Force Training (OPFOR) training exercise. Thirty Cobb County Honorary Commanders Day guests observed the exercise. The focus of the event was to recreate a village Key Leader Engagement to provide the guests an idea of what it was like to conduct a peaceful dismounted patrol through Afghanistan.

The guests took on the roll of a US Patrol entering and communicating with an Afghan village. They suited-up in current body armor, advanced combat helmets, and carried weapons in current use. The group walked the perimeter of the village, through a mock improvised explosive device training lane prior to entering the village. Once inside the village, they verbally engage the villagers, played by 1-122nd RTI cadre from the Georgia Army Guard and numerous GSDF soldiers from GSDF HQ, 1st Brigade, and 76th Support Brigade.

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